How to Log In

Change to UNM Learn login page and authentication

NOTE:  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now required for many UNM IT services, including UNM Learn.  For more information, see FastInfo 7823.

As part of a larger UNM initiative, the authentication/login method for UNM Learn changed on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021. We implemented Azure AD authentication, which is the same authentication method used for LoboMail, Zoom, O365, etc. This authentication method provides more security and protection for our users, allows automatic sign-on if you are already logged into another UNM site that uses Azure AD, and provides more standardization and consistency for users accessing multiple applications at UNM.  

As of March 23, 2021, you must also use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is being required for accessing UNM systems in order to add an extra layer of security to your account. We recommend signing in to the UNM Azure AD site and making sure your phone number is correctly listed there and that you have more than one device/method set up, such as the Microsoft Authenticator Mobile app. This will ensure you can still access UNM systems if you lose one device. Please note that if you update your phone number in the UNM Directory or LoboWeb, it does not update your MFA information, so always make sure if you get a new number that you update it on this site as well. If you do not have a mobile device, see FastInfo 7823 for alternate methods that are available.

The login area on is now a button. To log in:

  • Click the "Log in to UNM Learn" button.
  • If you are already logged in to UNM systems via Azure AD, you will automatically be logged into Learn.
  • If you are not already logged in to UNM systems via Azure AD, you will be prompted to sign in. Enter your full UNM email address (e.g., <your UNM NetID> See 'Logging in with Azure AD' below.

UNM Learn login screen. One button in the right-hand panel, labeled Log in to UNM Learn.

Logging in with Azure AD

1. If you are prompted to sign in after clicking the "Log in to UNM Learn" button, you must enter your full UNM email address (e.g.,  <your UNM NetID> Do not just put your NetID.  You must add the to the end.

*Notes for HSC users:
1) HSC users cannot log in with their salud email address. 
They may not always have an active UNM email address but can still/need to log in using <NetID>, where <NetID> is the HSC user’s UNM Main Campus NetID. In other words, always append to the Main Campus NetID (regardless of email account status) when authenticating.

2) If you receive an error similar to "Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in…The signed in user <email> is not assigned to a role for the application” the issue may be caused by your HSC NetID credentials being cached in your browser. See Main Campus - HSC Azure AD Authentication Conflicts below for more information.

On sign-in screen Do NOT enter just your NetID. width=  DO enter your main campus NetID followed by

2. Enter your password.
Main body of the screen, below the words Enter password is the field for entering your password.

3. Approve Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) sign in request (via text, call or authenticator app).

Azure authentication text optionAzure Authentication Phone Call OptionScreenshot of Azure Authenticator App Option

4. If you select “Yes” on “Stay signed in,” the Azure AD system will set your session to be valid for 90 days or until you logout or change your password. If you select “No,” your session will be valid for 24 hours or until the browser window is closed. 


Problems logging into Azure AD

Microsoft Errors

If you receive the Microsoft "Sign-in is blocked" error (below), then you have made too many invalid login attempts and your account has been temporarily locked. The lockout time is generally 1 minute (more if you keep making invalid attempts). Please confirm you are logging in with your correct password and full UNM email address (e.g. <>), not just your NetID or Salud email.

The Microsoft error says Sign-in is blocked.  You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect account or password.

If you still have problems, consult the article below. It provides additional information, including steps for getting support from the Main IT helpdesk.

Why can't I login to LoboMail, the Bursar Account Suite, or other UNM applications that authenticate through Azure AD?


Main Campus - HSC Azure AD Authentication Conflicts

   Error dialog reads Microsoft Sign In. Space. Sorry, but we're having trouble with signing you in.Error code number.

If you receive an error similar to:  “Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in…The signed in user <email> is not assigned to a role for the application” the issue may be caused by your HSC NetID credentials being cached in your browser. If you receive this error, your choices are:

  1. Use a browser second browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), one that is different from the one used to access the HSC applications. For example, if you use Chrome for HSC applications, use Firefox for Learn and main campus, etc.
  2. Open and use a Private/inPrivate/Incognito browser window in your current browser. For most browsers, you can do this by clicking on the three dots or three dashes in the upper-right corner of the browser window. For Safari, select File > New Private Window.
  3. Log out of your current HSC Azure session, so you can log into Main Campus' Azure AD. You may need to clear your cache and cookies (in Safari clear history).


Blackboard Errors

On rare occasions, users logging in may receive a Blackboard "Sign On Error!" like the one below. Click the 'Return To Login Page' button or return to and click the "Log in to UNM Learn" button again.

Blackboard Sign On Error dialog box.  The button to return to the log in page is at the bottom of the box.

For help with this or any other Blackboard error messages, contact UNM Learn Support.

Learn access via MyUNM

If you usually access UNM Learn after logging into MyUNM and clicking the UNM Learn icon next to the “Logout” button, you will not be logged in through Azure AD and will be sent to the Learn "My Courses" page. The MyUNM portal uses a different authentication method/ does not currently use Azure AD. However, if you click on the UNM Learn icon before/without logging into MyUNM, you will be taken to the new Learn login page and can log in as described above.

Top left corner of screen left to right the UNM Learn button is number four.

Learn access via mobile

The image below shows how it looks when logging in with the Azure AD method on the mobile apps. You will be presented with a black “Web Login” button, which will then redirect you to the Learn login page. Click the red “Log in to UNM Learn” button and login using your email address and password as explained above in the “Logging in with Azure” section of this page.

New authentication (Azure) login page in mobile apps

The azure mobile log in screen says Blackboard at the top, then The University of New Mexico.  Then there text that says to click the Web Login button, with the Web Login button below it.

If you would like to use Multi-Factor Authentication with the mobile apps, you need to be logged in using the new authentication method, Azure AD. To switch to Azure AD, log out of the app. If you see the old login page (shown below), delete the name of the institution, “The University of New Mexico,” in the top field then re-find it by typing it in again. You will notice the login fields disappear and are replaced with the "Web Login" button as illustrated in the screenshot above.

Old authentication login page in mobile apps

The old log in screen says Blackboard at the top, then The University of New Mexico.  Then has lines to enter NetID, then Password, with a Keep me logged in checkbox at the bottom.

Signing out of UNM Learn when logged in via Azure AD

The default action on this screen will automatically log you out of all Azure AD sessions like Outlook, Teams, Office365 after 120 seconds.  To just close Learn, click the Continue SSO session link below it.

Clicking the "End session and log out" button will log you out of all sites that use Azure AD authentication (e.g., Outlook, O365, Teams, SharePoint, etc.).

Clicking "Continue SSO session" will only log you out of UNM Learn.

Note: These options do not appear when logging out the mobile app.