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  1. MyUNM is crashing my browser, loading slowly, or functioning poorly. What steps should I take to fix this?
    Most performance issues in MyUNM are caused by the following: Slow network connection Outdated internet browser Use of "compatibility view" or "enterprise mode" in Internet Explorer/Edge Older...
    Date Updated: 02/24/2017
  2. What is the difference between widgets, link cards, LoboApps, and dashboard tabs in MyUNM?
    Understanding the types of apps available (and nomenclature) in MyUNM helps derive more value from the system. The following names and definitions describe the most common types of apps/content...
    Date Updated: 05/14/2019
  3. How do I add a tab in MyUNM?
    You can add 2 types of tabs to your MyUNM dashboard: Managed tab - All aspects of this type of dashboard tab are managed by another organization at UNM. Managed tabs are made available to you based...
    Date Updated: 08/11/2020
  4. When using MyUNM, I see a blank "Loading" screen instead of the homepage or dashboard. How can I fix this?
    Occasionally, MyUNM may not load properly (due to disruptions in network connectivity, browser issues, etc.). You may see something like the following: If this occurs, refreshing the page almost...
    Date Updated: 02/24/2017
  5. If I've developed my own web, desktop, mobile or widget application, can I make it available to others at UNM via MyUNM?
    Department IT teams at UNM can submit useful applications they have created for inclusion in the MyUNM app store called LoboApps . MyUNM users can search for these applications (widgets) and add them...
    Date Updated: 02/03/2017
  6. Why does Banner crash (or give me an error) when I try to load it from the MyUNM Employee Life tab?
    If you receive the "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied" error, please verify you have requested security roles for Banner ( FastInfo 1586 ) and they have been approved through...
    Date Updated: 12/23/2016
  7. I accidentally deleted my Student Life, Employee Life or Faculty Life tab in MyUNM. How can I get it back?
    Restoring the "life" tabs in MyUNM is very straightforward. Use the following steps to retrieve a missing tab: Login to MyUNM Navigate to your Dashboard (if you are not automatically directed there)...
    Date Updated: 12/12/2016
  8. Can I create my own widgets, link cards, LoboApps, and dashboard tabs in MyUNM?
    Department IT teams at UNM can submit useful widgets, apps, dashboard tabs, and link cards they have created for inclusion in MyUNM. A widget is a micro-application that provides information or add...
    Date Updated: 02/03/2017
  9. What are some of the features of MyUNM?
    Key features: You can access LoboWeb, UNM Learn, LoboMail and many other systems without even logging into MyUNM. Use the Students/Faculty/Staff links on the right side of the homepage LoboApps is a...
    Date Updated: 07/14/2017
  10. What browsers are supported for myUNM?
    The list below contains the officially supported browsers for use with myUNM. Officially Supported Browsers: Mozilla Firefox 18+ Microsoft Edge * Internet Explorer 11 Google Chrome 26+ Apple Safari...
    Date Updated: 02/24/2017